Welcome to DayDreamz

This is an important place discussing the what and the why in life

I will update this site once an undisclosed amount of time has elapsed


We are living in an endless void called the Universe, suspended in midair on a little ping-pong ball called Earth.

I found a map of the universe!

This universe is not empty! It is filled with matter.

You see, these particles, that are also waves, and also probabilities, they interact with each other via particles, that are also waves, and also probabilities.

The point is that matter exists. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I have this photograph of a hydrogen atom! Hydrogen is also one of my favorite molecules!

I am a creature descended from apes, given the gift of knowledge by the titan Prometheus

I found a picture of Prometheus!

I am currently communicating my thoughts to you using alphanumerics

This stimulates neurons, resulting in understanding


This knowledge has not yet been unravelled


Via the swift exchange of virtual particles, matter can interact with other matter.

This phenomenon is known as the "fundamental forces" of the universe!

Gravity is NOT real. It is an ILLUSION caused by the SHAPE of the universe.

Time is also NOT real. I brought a quantum eraser to prove it. But I went back in time and erased the eraser :(


My government name is Ofir Cohen. But the goverment's corrupt. Don't forget that.

You can contact me! But you'll have to figure out how. I do not posess an internet.


I get a lot of stupid questions every day via radio communications. That is because I am VERY important.

So I thought if the humans need my assistance so much, I might as well answer their STUPID questions

"Universe is X years old, so how is its radius X*n light years, when X and n are both real numbers?"

Basically the universe was very small. 1 light year was like half the universe. Light travelled around it and then the universe became very large and that 1 light year became like a billion. It's that simple. So stop asking that.

"Are crocodiles dinosaurs? Are pterosaurs dinosaurs? Are ichtyosaurs dinosaurs? Are..."

SHUT... UP! NONE of those are dinosaurs.

My favorite words!

Floccinaucinihilipilification: The act of evaluating something as worthless

Defenestration: The act of throwing someone out of a window

Ubiquitous: Is found frequently in great multitude

My favorite molecules!


Hydrogen has 1 proton and 1 electron. It is an element. It's the lightest element I know. It's invisible, odorless and flammable. Most of the matter in the universe is hydrogen. I only came in contact with hydrogen gas and liquid, so if you find solid hydrogen, please contact me!